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UVDTF Ink 500ml (16.9oz) High Quality Inks

UVDTF Ink 500ml (16.9oz) High Quality Inks

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UVDTF Inks suitable for  Epson 1430, L1800, P400, P640, P600, R1800, R1900, R2000, R2400, 4800, R3000, R3880, F2000, F2100, F2200, 4720, DX5/DX7, I3200, XP600 ...

  • High color density
  • Vivid ink colors.
  • Long lasting and excellent wash fastness.
  • Excellent textile performance.
  • Consistent color from batch to batch
  • Available in Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, White and Varnish
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